Today on the Ace of Hearts in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the Three of Spades. This reading is primarily about the A❤️ which is the Birth Card only of the following date: 12/30. The Joker born before Noon December 31 is also considered to follow the path of the A❤️.

The A❤️ desires and introduces feelings including love. When Unconscious, one conceptualizes love as giving and receiving value including money and sexual favors; and one neglects to experience compassion. When Awakened, love is freely shared when one gets personal needs met and also when personal needs are not met; one decides that love is not to be contained or controlled but to flow where it will go.

In early life, the A❤️ wants a life of value and one observes how skilled individuals find and obtain value experiences; one emulates success. One is attracted to generous others that share value, but there is immense giving required and deep personal transformation occurs in relationships, some of which will be difficult to endure. There is a tendency to experience many relationships and feeling states as one learns to let value flow to others and to oneself with natural sharing. In midlife, one learns that ideas and information flowing freely between individuals also brings benefit to many involved though there are repercussions of suffering when uncomfortable facts are revealed about oneself or others. One gradually learns through trial and error that one should be as prepared as possible for one’s actions so there are fewer unfortunate surprises, especially during the ages of 28-34 and 52-64; following one’s heart during these periods is expected, but preparation correlates with success. As one ages, meditation and contemplation of life experience in context of philosophy is useful as there is the possibility of feeling the victim and/or playing the victim; prayer and selfless service unleash a torrent of gratitude and joyful living. In old age, one learns to see events in grey without judging positive or negative; gossip should be avoided so that one’s observation is not colored; study of depth psychology and philosophy or spiritual practices including religious rituals and yoga practice are all helpful to heighten and balance clear seeing. One spends a lifetime learning to let life flow through oneself which continually requires a change of value; one realizes that possessions and possessiveness are offensive to free living.

The A❤️ is the Mercury card in the Dreaming Spread which indicates that awareness of experience and value and others is all to be shared. Experience flows by interchange, by communication, by commerce, by making oneself a vessel through which energy and spirit may pass.

The 7♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the A❤️ is guided by a moral compass. One expends so much effort learning to follow one’s gut and act freely, but the world is not always forgiving of trespasses, and the A❤️ is often punished for errors; however, the A❤️ is also rewarded for free living and loving…rewarded with relationships, with sharing, with caring, with connection. The punishments that arise are a teaching tool albeit painful. The A❤️ learns to attend to limits of the world while loving.

The 7❤️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the A❤️ explores the mystical elements of relationships and loving. One sees that one’s free flowing demonstrations of individuality and affection need to operate within acceptable limits for the emotional needs of each party. As one learns to act freely within sensed boundaries, relationships deepen in spiritual connection.

Acting freely requires courage over hesitation. Blunt expression of love is shaped by the world, by others, and by one’s own feeling. Gradually, one expresses love and feeling with awareness of boundaries that shape one’s behavior and one’s enjoyment of others.