Today is the The Joker in Capricorn. If born before Noon, one can also read about the A❤️ born December 30 and if one is born after Noon, one can also read the K♠️ born January 1st. This reading is primarily about the Joker which is the Birth Card only of the following date: 12/31.

The Joker does not follow a life path interpreted by the cards. However, the Joker has a split personality between the primary personality and either the A❤️ or the K♠️ as described in the first paragraph.

The Joker has innate freedom that manifests as foolishness alternating with wisdom. The Joker has been compared to both the A❤️ and the K♠️. The A❤️ is like a newborn baby and the K♠️ is like a mature old man. Ruling card of the A❤️ is the 3♠️ which indicates following one’s gut to lead an authentic life. Ruling card of the K♠️ is the 5♣️ which indicates the need to change one’s thinking because one has neglected something of importance even though one has achieved mastery in life.

The Joker is similar also to each of the Jacks in the deck as they rule creative youthful exhuberant courage as well as reckless immature foolishness. The Joker may be youthful in love; in communication; in values; and in work, health, and spirituality.

The Joker tries many things in life and may bring a fresh eye and ear to activities. Even though one is influenced by the cards, the Joker may also choose one’s own path divergent from the cards and still achieve success. Whereas others must play the cards as dealt, the Joker is a Wild Card that is imbued with a freedom so long as one accepts full responsibility like all of the Kings must do. The Joker is a type of King that achieves mastery of living outside of rules and patterns. One approaches situations with naivete and with inherent wisdom.