Today on the Joker, which is the Birth Card of 12/31, we consider what it means to be a Joker.

The Joker is a wild-card and may act however one finds appropriate. Those born in before Noon act more like the A♥️, while those born after Noon act more like the K♠️.

In the Tarot, the Fool is often shown as one who leads a charmed life, and one who is at risk of error, even catastrophe.

As A♥️, one seeks to give and receive love so strongly that one leads with the heart, which is the opposite of thinking carefully and strategically before acting. As K♠️, one plans every detail and there are no surprises until one becomes revolted by a well planned life and takes a significant departure.

The Joker is both of these characters with a preference for one over the other. Also, the Joker is able to take the role of any card in the deck or none of them. The Fool in the tarot is the number ZERO which indicates Spirit. The Joker identifies with the soul and cannot be defined by the personality of a particular card’s life plan. As one is free of the predestination of the cards, one chooses personal destiny more than others.

Happy New Year is what is said on this birthday, when each person can become a new personality by embarking on a new life.  Happy New Year!

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