White woman fired after calling NYPD on black man who asked her to leash her dog in Central Park


Amy Cooper tried to get Christian Cooper in trouble, but she got caught lying and she was punished.

They have the same last name: Cooper. On one hand, the name makes me think of one who tends a chicken coop. From an alpha-numeric position, Cooper is equal to 72 by adding the alphanumeric values of the letters as such: 3+15+15+16+5+18=72.

Then, one subtracts 52 (cards in a deck) from the 72 to get 20. (i.e. 72-52=20) 20 has a value that can be read as a card in the deck. In fact, 20 is the 7♣️, which is the card of balanced communication.

Under a 7♣️, one speak rightly or wrongly. When one speaks wrongly, others do punish the wrong. How is 20 the 7♣️?

Lay out the un-shuffled deck of playing cards from A♥️ to the K♠️ in the following order: ♥️♣️♦️♠️. The A♥️ is 1. The K♥️ is 13. The A♣️ is 14. The 7♣️ is 20. The K♣️ is 26. Etc.

Folks with the last name of Cooper or the first name of Cooper are influenced by the 7♣️. They should watch what they say and write. They should even watch what they think.😍