Today on the 5♣️ in Gemini, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mercury card in the Waking Spread which is the 3♦️. This reading is primarily about the 5♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates:  3/31, 4/29, 5/27, 6/25, 7/23, 8/21, 9/19, 10/17, 11/15, and 12/13.

The 5♣️ changes interests, plans, and agreements. Relationships may suffer when communication is volatile. It is useful to organize the mind with mindfulness practices such as meditation or prayer to ensure that communication is thoughtful and pleasant.

The J♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one needs to make decisions quickly with creativity. It is easier to be creative when the mind is organized and settled, as then new information and new choices are quickly integrated.

The Q♦️ Waking Mirror indicates that one has the inclination to be of service to the community. You don’t always know what to say to others. Generosity is the way. Give from the very beginning of your life, because it is your true nature. Giving within your means on a regular basis will help to calm your mind. Others that are worthy of help will come to your attention. One day, you will find other ways to serve your community.

The 6♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that one is learning to maintain values and goals for the long haul without being frustrated enough to be dissuaded from one’s desires. Feelings are not facts, but when feelings suddenly change one will feel like only the current feeling matters…that the future is no real and will not one day arrive. It is recommended that one embrace the roller-coaster of feeling as the ride will be intense. When feelings are resisted…that is when grievous errors can be made.  Embrace the feelings, and then continue taking steps toward goals that have long driven one’s efforts. The goals will usually still be valid regardless of intense ambivalence.

A restless mind is put to work developing desires. One works with great intensity, one takes complete and total responsibility, and one succeeds.

Notable Events 5/27 5♣️/3♦️:

Tsar Peter the Great founds the city of Saint Petersburg (1703)

The 1,046 feet (319 m) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opens to the public (1930)

First Chechen War: the Russian President Boris Yeltsin meets with Chechnyan rebels for the first time and negotiates a cease-fire (1996)

Barack Obama is the first president of United States to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and meet Hibakusha (2016)

Cornelius Vanderbilt, American businessman and philanthropist (born 1794)

Wild Bill Hickok, American police officer (born 1837)

Dashiell Hammett, American detective novelist and screenwriter (born 1894)

Vincent Price, American actor (born 1911)

John Cheever, American novelist and short story writer (born 1912)

Herman Wouk, American novelist (born 1915)

Christopher Lee, English actor (born 1922)

Henry Kissinger, German-American political scientist and politician (born 1923)

Sumner Redstone, American businessman and philanthropist (born 1923)

Joseph Fiennes, English actor (born 1970)