Secondary Progressed Natal Astrology Changes Birth Card and Ruling Cards

One’s destiny is a personal decision, but there are always many impersonal influences. One influence is the quadrations of the deck. The systematic shuffling of cards that creates the birth spread and the subsequent 90 spreads for each year of life is a basic foundation of card reading that impacts personal destiny.

Astrological influences such as transits can emphasize planetary periods in one’s birth card spreads. For example, if transiting Pluto conjoins natal Saturn, one can expect one’s Saturn card to become an issue of daily importance.

And the Birth Card and its spread can actually change when the progressed birthday advances through secondary progression in which a day of the calendar is equal to a year of living.

For instance, on one’s fifteenth birthday, Jack whose birthday is January 5th with the 9♠️ Birthcard, has progressed to a January 20th birthday with the 7♦️ Birthcard.

Jack spends his whole life including age 15 as 9♠️ intensely focused on successful endeavors in all areas of life while being constantly plagued by obstacles that must be continually addressed in order to obtain and maintain enjoyment.

Beginning around age 15 for one year, Jack becomes particularly focused on delayed gratification and he learns to change strategies when he is initially denied satisfaction as this a peculiar life experience of the 7♦️.

Whatever is one’s current age one can add this to the calendar date of birth to derive the secondary progressed birthdate and its calculated Birthcard to indicate the Secondary Progressed Birthcard.

The calculation of a day for a year generally works, but software that shows the exact day each year in which the progressed date changes is dependent on the time of birth of each individual. It is recommended that software be used to calculate the secondary progressed astrology chart, so one has the most accurate information. One born at noon will advance to the next card after the first six months of life rather than on one’s birthday. One born at 6pm will advance to the next card only three months after the birthday. If one is born close to midnight, the secondary progressed Birthcard will advance close to the birthday yearly.

Research into these progressed cards will reveal a new layer of insight into the impact of the card system on daily life.